Adaptive Resourcing is building on its position as a leader in innovative recruitment by merging with In-Cahoots and Agility Recruiting. Both companies share Adaptive’s principles of transparency, practicality and delivering value to our clients.

Agility Recruiting is a division of Strategic Human Resources (SHR), one of Australia’s largest and most experienced providers of broad Human Resources Management, Employee Relations, Industrial Relations consulting, Business Migration and HR Managed Services. Agility’s consultants in Melbourne and Brisbane will join the Adaptive Team.

In-Cahoots is a Perth-based outsourced recruitment business that, like Adaptive, has an approach that reduces its clients’ spend, increases the effectiveness of the recruitment process and ensures high quality outcomes.

Adaptive Resourcing will remain as our business name but with increased capacity, footprint and shared expertise.  From March 1 the business will relocate to SHR’s West Perth offices to work closely with our new partners and ensure seamless delivery of high quality HR services to Australian industry.

Adaptive’s Principals, Graham Nutt and Matt Stidwill will continue to build on their aspirations to create the best recruitment partner that they can, to offer Australian employers an alternative to recruitment agencies and provide the capability to be proactive and get ahead of the talent challenge. We will, of course, continue to offer our services under the same professional services business model, and all current arrangements will be maintained with our clients.

For all your resourcing, talent mapping, and recruitment process improvement contact Graham or Matt on:

Graham Nutt - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  --- (M) +61 405 355 905

Matt Stidwill – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. --- (M) +61 427 552 096

Recently our team was discussing the way that hipsters love retro things, fixies, beards, brylcreem etc. While Google is probably part of the establishment (post-hipster), it is great to see the worlds #1 employer brand bringing us back to recruitment 101. Structured interviews work!  While they are widely used in corporates and the public sector, the SME space rarely makes the effort. 

If you are recruiting at any level, please consider planning and executing structured interviews. It will get results and will make you look good.

Our team at Adaptive Resourcing have the experience and skills in constructing and facilitating structured interviews to reveal the true potential of your candidates.  For a confidential chat about your recruitment needs and a quote on how we can assist, don't hestitate to contact us today.

If you're interested in the article that inspired this blog, you can find "Hire Like Google" here.  

Indeed's marketing folk have been promoting recents stats that they have collected on the value of active jobseekers versus passive candidates. Of course, Indeed have an agenda, they are a job board that makes its living out of active candidates. But, think about the dynamics when a manager interviews someone that they tapped on the shoulder.  How much time is spent assessing the candidate?  Usually, the manager pussyfoots around hard questions and pitches their opportunity.

A good recruiter will target both active and passive candidates.

At some point in the process passive candidates need to be converted to active.  Make them want the job, make them jump through hoops. Then, hammer them with a quality assessment.  And, don’t be scared to say no to someone that you approached.

If you need help targeting both active and passive candidates, don't hesitate to contact us at Adaptive Resourcing.  We have the experience. We achieve great results.

You can read the original article that inspired this blog "Why 9/10 Recruiters Prefer to Hire Active Candidates" here.