Recruiting at Google - Hipster Recruitment 101

Recently our team was discussing the way that hipsters love retro things, fixies, beards, Brylcreem etc. While Google is probably part of the establishment (post-hipster), it is great to see the worlds #1 employer brand bringing us back to recruitment 101. Structured interviews work!  While they are widely used in corporates and the public sector, the SME space rarely makes the effort. 

If you are recruiting at any level, please consider planning and executing structured interviews. It will get results and will make you look good.

Our team at Adaptive Resourcing have the experience and skills in constructing and facilitating structured interviews to reveal the true potential of your candidates.  For a confidential chat about your recruitment needs and a quote on how we can assist, don't hesitate to contact us today.

If you're interested in the article that inspired this blog, you can find "Hire Like Google" here.  

Adaptive Resourcing offers a recruitment alternative. 
We assist companies of varying scale, industry, and geography. They all place tremendous value in their people and are looking for a better way to bring talent into their business.


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