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flexible rpo

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing means that you outsource your recruitment to a specialist RPO provider. Typically, this means a significant investment and a contracted term so that infrastructure, process and people can be transitioned. It is usually done by large corporations to improve service and ideally reduce costs.

RPO (with a twist) is Adaptive’s take on this model. We do not lock clients into committed terms - we are your high quality recruitment team, for as long as you need us. This might be 6 months or it might be for years.

Maybe you are launching a new project that will see a significant increase in recruitment, Adaptive will step in and provide people, technology and process in your office, using your brand and building a talent pool that is owned by you, not us. We will manage the team, ensure targets are met and performance levels are high. This is not the provision of temp recruiters, it is a partnership that shares ownership of outcomes.

If you are a smaller business with a handful of hires every year or too small for a dedicated recruiter with no budget for agencies, we will use your brand and provide a seamless professional recruitment experience, just like the big companies. We work offsite or in your office and deliver talent acquisition on your terms. Maybe you just need talent mapping this week, or targeted search? All can be delivered under our RPO (with a twist) model.

volume projects

Perhaps your project just got the green light or your start-up received funding and you need people – and fast!  We will work with you to co-design a fast and cost-effective delivery model that enables you to ramp up quickly.   We can use your tech and some of your people or bring everything we need to make it happen.

We have applied this approach to the staffing of new mines, construction projects, plant shutdowns and contact centres.

an agency alternative

At Adaptive Resourcing, we are very proud of our business model.  It gives companies a new and effective way to recruit and avoids most of the common pitfalls of interacting with ‘typical’ agencies.  At Adaptive, there are no expensive placement fees and we truly become your business partner in a far more consultative way than agencies usually offer.

Adaptive Resourcing really do offer a business model that is fast, effective, flexible and inexpensive.

international sourcing

While our clients’ overwhelming preference is to source local talent in Australia, we are experiencing a critical talent shortage with long term vacancies having a direct impact on productivity, and potentially safety.  Contractors and consultants are being utilised to fill the gap with a significant overhead and impact on operational business continuity.

HR and recruiters are under pressure with the usual methods failing to generate the required results.

Adaptive Resourcing can help clients navigate the international recruitment process from role design and labour market testing to sourcing and selection.  We offer high quality candidate care that can even extend to post-offer relocation assistance.

We work closely with Mapien Migration to offer a one stop shop that includes recruitment and migration management.   Working together (we are in the same office), we have the resources and technical knowledge to make sourcing candidates from overseas faster, less complex and less expensive than you might think.

critical role management

Critical role management is crucial for any business that depends on its people.  To get ahead of your business needs we encourage you to define your critical talent and put in place proactive strategies that included targeted sourcing and talent pipelining.

targeted sourcing

Reports suggest that up to 80% of candidates are passive, that is, they will not apply for a role but are happy to hear of one should a good opportunity arise.  In essence, that is what Targeted Sourcing is all about. We search talent communities, tap on shoulders, ascertain interest and recruit the new candidate in to your business. 

This 80% of the market can not be reached any other way – it’s imperative that your recruitment assignments include a targeted search or you’ll miss out on some of the best skilled employees out there.

Head hunters do this but at a significantly different price point. Adaptive have a business model that makes this type of recruitment not only inexpensive, but routine.

talent pipelining

In the recruitment space, a lot is said about building talent communities of interested prospective employees but few make it work. It requires dedicated resources and an ongoing commitment. It is marketing rather than sales. We work with your brand and supply dedicated sourcers and technology to make this approach work for you. You will own the talent community and we will help you build relationships that lead to increased quality of hire and reduced time to hire. It also means less saying no to applicants and more saying yes to new hires.


Adaptive Resourcing are experts at providing current and relevant information to businesses to help them achieve their talent acquisition needs. We support businesses with research, insight and market knowledge.

Feasibility Studies – how will your project be staffed, where will the labour come from, how will you source them and how much will it cost?

Process review – how can you recruit better?  We can help benchmark your performance and suggest improvements in process, tech or talent.

Technology – time for new recruitment tech? We can help you source, assess and engage with tech partners.

Adaptive Resourcing offers a recruitment alternative. 
We assist companies of varying scale, industry, and geography. They all place tremendous value in their people and are looking for a better way to bring talent into their business.


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